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Plugin "Fire"

"Fire" is a multi-band distortion plugin. It supports preset save, multi-band distortion, downsample, eq, etc.



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Band Effect

Sound shaper

Using different distortion functions, rectification, and bias to shape your sound. The distortion graph is showed on the top right corner.


Using compressor for each band to compress your sound. The VU meter graph is showed on the bottom left corner. You can click the VU meter graph to see details of RMS level and your compression value.


Using stereolizer for each band to compress sound and make your sound wider. The width graph is also showed on the bottom right corner.

Link output

Link the output value with the drive value. output value will automatically decrease if you turn up the drive value.

Safe output

Automatically adjust your volume when it gets too loud, just like Sausage Fattener.

Global Effect


Using 4x oversampling to reduce aliasing distortion by allowing a processor a higher frequency at which to process the signal.


EQ includes a lowcut knob, a highcut knob, and a peak knob. You can drag the round buttons on the panel to adjust EQ.


Using downsample to distortion your sound by reducing sampling rate.

Other functions

Preset management

You can save you preset to your user folder and reload them. You can also import preset files and then rescan the folder.

A/B mode

You can switch between A/B mode to compare the effect.

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